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Pizzaria da’ll italiano is widely regarded as the best pizza restaurant in Pipa. The Italian owners guarantee clients with a true Italian pizza experience. If you fancy eating Pizza during your vacations in Pipa, be sure to visit the dall’italiano pizzeria. The art and tradition of Italian pizzas and pastas with a variety of ingredients always fresh and genuine we choose carefully, with great attention and creativity in their preparation   The merits of our products are carefully selected and are considered DOC - Proven Designation of Origin, and PDO - Protected Designation of Origin, by Italian standards, quality guaranteed by a strict control of raw materials from small Italian producers through the process fully craft, in order to achieve a unique flavor and engaging. You will find the pizza with 100% Italian mozzarella, various types of homemade pasta to combine with delicious fresh sauces, cheeses, cold meats, fish and seafood, highlights are the ravioli, and gnocchi, the matagliati and our famous lasagna prepared in a wood oven. Strictly home-made desserts are the perfect finish to the dining experience. A variety of imported wines harmonize perfectly with the dishes, which are prepared with love and care. Do not bother if you have wait for your table because it will be worth it to take time to savor the delicious cocktails of our bartender.

Open from 6pm - 23h
Closed on Sundays

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