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Monday, 19 August

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Artista J. Holanda
Juliano Holanda Soares is a native of Rio Rrande do Sul where he grew up in the interior and since childhood was distinguished by his scribbles. Very early on, he ventured to make portraits and various prints of fantasy where his curious mind traveled, already recognized as an artist in his beginning of career.  He has been dedicated to art until the present day, traveled and lived in several places of Brazil spreading his work and is currently located in the northeast region of the most beautiful and inspiring vegetation, sea and cultural diversity of people of various nationalities: The exotic beach of Pipa, where he set up his studio with open doors, exploring the harmony in multicolored works in diverse themes such as human figure and animals, the search for balance being condensed in the variety of Brazilian and World culture, orchestrating his works with mastery and singular genius, brushing colors , tones and light with speed and dexterity without losing the harmony and smoothness of proportions, aesthetics and depth, in the exploration of the "beautiful" and reflections that the more complex themes lead to the observer, thus creating a unique identity for the works that carry his signature.